Raymond J. Freeman

Making a difference in my World

Who I am:
I am Raymond Freeman, a semi-retired website designer, imaging specialist. I am also retired from landscaping which I also enjoyed!

I am curently on a journey of a thousand miles that begins with a single step, and my stride into the realm of Internet Consulting is paced with purpose and passion. Leveraging years of experience, I’m here to drive change and foster digital excellence for businesses eager to thrive online. Connect with me for strategies that translate digital potential into tangible success. "
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What I do:

I currently wear several hats which are, Internet Consultant, Tech Support for The GNCSO Network, and I am an independent representative with an online web-store with over 12,800 Products. I count is a blessing as to how I got into the different positions!

I am officially titled as an Internet Consultant helping others use this powerful tool "The Internet" to reach the World with your message one screen at a time. I have been here on the internet doing my part to build the WWW / World Wide Web for many years.
Being here since around 1998 does not make me a professional! I feel that the constant desire to strive to know more and also to share my knowledge with others has helped me to gain the current level of professionalism in which I stand boldly in.

I am also co-founder of the GNCSO Network, sharing the word of God to the world along side a GREAT team of GREAT people! We curently have over 150 sites in the GNCSO Network. If your interseted in learning more about our sites simply
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Some of my Titles:

Husband, Dad, Grand-paw, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Entrepreneur, Support Technician, Website Designer, and more.

Why I Do It:
Years ago, a pivotal decision laid the foundation for a journey of innovation, inspiration, and interaction. Today, I find immense satisfaction in knowing my work—whether in web design or through assisting others—has a tangible impact.

Partnering with organizations like My House Of Brands, The GNCSO Network, and My House of Hosting has reminded me that our collective mission goes beyond personal success; it's about fostering a community of growth, wellness, and financial independence. Together, we're crafting legacies and shaping futures. I feel it is my calling to help others and I am very thankful to have such a great "Tool Box" to help provide the many things my clients and friends are in need of!
Although it is true that there is money to be made here on the internet, it is not my goal to be “rich” from my endeavors. My goal is to know that the things I do “Help Others” whether it is helping them to better understand the internet and how it works. Or to simply help someone out in need of a services I can provide.

Reaching the World One Screen at a Time, is our goal!

How We Do It:

Harnessing top-notch tools + Keeping a level head = The roadmap to daily triumphs! 🧭🔧 As a web-design buff, I've seen tech power firsthand. Stick to the plan, trust the process, and awesome results will follow!
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